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27 de Fevereiro, 2019
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E agora? Motivadores de mudança na Indústria de Manufatura / Materiais da Europa

Change drivers in Western European Manufacturing

The majority of change in manufacturing is driven by digital transformation

Source: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Manufacturing 2018 Predictions

In fact, digitalization is transforming entire industries and companies, regardless of size

Source: IDC, 2018

Predictions #1 – “In 2020, 50% of G2000 Manufacturers based in Western Europe will rely on digital platforms that enhance their investments in ecosystems and experiences and support as much as 30% of their overall revenue.”

IT Impact

  • IT will be responsible for defining the requirements for openness and security, taking an enterprise architecture role for IT governance.
  • IT will need to define and/or assemble a platform that includes capabilities that draw participation and create business value, starting with providing a “source of truth” for business interactions (order status, asset performance, shipment location, etc.).

Guidance for Technology Buyers

  • Evaluate your options for preassembled digital platforms; options are coming from many directions — core infrastructure suppliers, IT service providers, new 3rd platform suppliers, and traditional manufacturing industry names.
  • Explore your options for integration and security, taking advantage of standards and next-gen security.
  • Revisit your ecosystem and experiences requirements frequently; digital platforms are evolving quickly, as are the needs of your ecosystem.

Source: IDC Manufacturing FutureScape, 2018

Manufactures across the spectrum use digital platforms as an innovation enabler

Source: IDC, 2018

CPG Industry missions point to customers

Source: IDC, 2018

Predictions #2 – “In 2021, 15% of G2000 Manufacturers with HQs in Europe will depend on a secure backbone of embedded Intelligence, using IoT, blockchain, and cognitive, to automate large-scale processes and speed execution times by up to 25%.”

IT Impact

  • IoT has some early wins in manufacturing, but IT will have the job of justifying large-scale rollout for IoT, including building the business case.
  • Cognitive, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will change the business’ expectation for analytics, but IT may need to add some new tools to incorporate these technologies.
  • IT will need to get up to speed on the potential for blockchain and then educate other stakeholders on the best use cases.

Guidance for Technology Buyers

  • Focus on the business outcomes, rather than the technology or performance measures. Automation and speed provide significant value, but financial outcomes may be necessary to create the imperative you need for change management.
  • Keep experimenting on how you can best integrate new technologies for embedded intelligence. Although technology has the ability to add crucial value to the business, it’s still some time before manufacturers achieve the maturity required to attain the full potential of secure embedded intelligence.

Source: IDC Manufacturing FutureScape, 2018

Discrete manufacturers need to transform their business models to meet the needs of the next gen, digitally savvy consumer

Source: ”The IoT Imperative for Discrete Manufacturers: Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, High Tech, and Industrial Machinery“, an IDC Whitepaper

Transform, of be left behind is the new imperative in CPG industries

Source: ”The IoT Imperative for Consumer Industries“, an IDC White Paper sponsored by SAP d

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